Getting Started With Talentd Guide

Congratulations on your new Talentd candidate manager. Let's get started!

Setting up your job opening(s) and customizing your application form will take about 10 minutes. After that, you can immediately start accepting text, audio, video, or link applications, and easily hire the best candidates for your business.

 1) The first thing you'�ll want to do is create your job opening(s). To do this, select the Openings tab from the main navigation bar.

 2) Let's add a new job opening by clicking the Create Opening button. You'll see the Create New Opening form. Fill out the General Settings tab.

  • The Name of the job opening is the position you're hiring for, such as Administrative Assistant or Restaurant Manager.
  • Guidelines contains a general description of the position, as well as any instructions or guidelines for job applicants.
  • Enter the city/town and state/province/territory of the Job Location.

  • 3) In the Price field, you can optionally enter a fee that the applicant will pay in order to apply for the position.

    4) To specify when the job listing will go live and when it will end, enter Starts On and Expires On dates. Leaving these fields blank will make the job listing go live immediately and stay live indefinitely.

    5) Check the Hidden box to make this job opening hidden from the general public. Applicants will only be able to see your opening if they have the direct link to it. Check the Live box to make the job opening live on the website. This box is checked by default.

    6) Once you have completed the General Settings tab, click the Form Builder tab, which you'll use to build the job opening form that your applicants will use to apply to your company.

    7) Choose your FORM TYPE:

    - If you'd like candidates to upload files (such as a resume) with their applications, choose the File Upload radio button.
    - If you'd like to view applications in plain text only in your browser, choose the Plain Text radio button.
    - If you only need candidates to fill out a form (e.g. you want to see cover letters only), choose the Form only radio button.

    8) Use the TOOLBOX to drag and drop your preferred fields to the form. You can also reorder the fields by simply dragging and dropping them within the form. Click on the fields in the form to open each field's PROPERTIES box and edit or delete that field.

    9) If you've chosen the File Upload form type, click on the Attached Files field to open the File Upload Properties box. Select at least one acceptable type of file you'd like applicants to use. You can also specify the maximum number of files (from 1 to 25) that applicants are allowed to upload. Click Done editing when you've finished selecting your options.

    Read this article for more information on using the Form Builder.

    10) You have completed the second tab. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the STAFF // NOTIFICATIONS tab.

    11) Set the Default Note Visibility to specify the default visibility level for notes in the Candidate Details page of each application.

    12) Auto-assign staff member(s) to new applications for a particular job opening by choosing their names from the Staff Owner(s) list. You can hold the CTRL key while clicking to select or deselect names from the list.

    13) Select whether you will receive an email alert for each application by checking the Receive an email alert for each candidate? box.

    14) Optionally select a Response Template that will be sent to candidates who apply to this job opening. 

    15) Optionally choose a Success URL that candidates will be redirected to after they have successfully submitted their application for your job opening.

    16) Click Save Opening. A dialog box will ask you if you wish to keep editing or return to your job openings list. Select Return to List.

    17) To view what your job opening form will look like, click the arrow icon   to the right of the job opening. Select Click here to view this form. To make edits to the form, simply click on the job opening in the Openings tab of the main navigation bar and make your preferred edits.

    18) Lastly, you'll put a link on your website to your job openings form. Copy and paste your link code from the box located at the bottom of the Openings tab, under the title, Copy/Paste the following code into your site to create a link to your candidate manager.

    19) You're done! Congratulations. You are now ready to accept applications.

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    37. Getting Started With Talentd Guide

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