Can emailed applications be automatically added to my candidate manager?

You can set up special email addresses to have emailed applications automatically added under specific job openings. Any files attached to the email will be saved as part of the application. Please note that this feature is not available in our free plan.

Email Applications for an Existing Job Opening

1. To email applications directly into an existing job opening category, include the CategoryID in the email address by using the format:


2. Find the email address for a particular job opening by going to the Openings tab of the main navigation bar and clicking on the arrow icon  to the right of the appropriate job opening. The email address will be listed under the label ?Here is the address to email into this opening?.

For example:

Optional Tags To Include In Email Body

1. To forward an email and have the application saved into a Talentd account for a candidate (rather than saved under the sender's name), use the #email tag:

#email:<candidate's email address>

For example, place the line below in the email body text to save the application into an account associated with email address

As the application is being created, the system will check to see if there is already an account for the email address If the account exists, the application will be added to that account. If an existing account for is not found, one will be created. The part of the email address before the @ sign will be used for the candidate's name.

2. To specify a candidate's name for the newly created account, include #name in the body of the email:


For example, including the line below in the email body text will save the application in an account with the name Laurie Pace:

#name:Laurie Pace

3. To apply labels to the application as it is saved, use the tag format:

#labels: <label name>,< label name>

For example,  #labels:First Round will add the label First Round to the resume.

#labels:First Round, Holy Cow will add the labels First Round and Holy Cow to the resume.

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