How do I add a staff member?

To add staff members to your Talentd candidate manager:


1. Log in to Talentd:

2. Click the Staff tab of the main navigation bar.

3. Click the Add a staff member link at the top of the staff list to open the Invite a Staff member page.

4. Select the type of Permission Level you'd like to give the new staff member. The permission levels are outlined below:

Staff Permission Levels

  • Level 5 (Highest/Administrator): can fully manage staff, candidates, response templates, job openings, and the organization profile.
  • Level 4: can do everything Level 5 can except manage the profile and view income reports.
  • Level 3: can fully administer candidates assigned to them (rate, view other staff members' ratings, and interact with those assigned candidates). Cannot view reports or private notes of other users. Cannot access settings pages (staff, response templates, etc).
  • Level 2: can only view, comment on, and forward candidates assigned to them. Cannot view other staff members' ratings.
  • Level 1: can only view and comment on candidates assigned to them. Cannot interact with candidate or view other staff members' ratings.


5. Enter the new staff member's Title (optional) and Email address.

 New staff members will receive an email (to the email address specified above) which contains an acknowledgment link that they must click to complete the signup process.


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