How do I use response templates to send automated email messages?

Submittable lets you create custom email responses for most actions involving interactions with submitters. For example, you may want to create a response template acknowledging receipt of a submitter's submission, asking a submitter to edit their submission, or informing submitters that a submission has been accepted.

1. To create a new response template, click on More > Configurations > Response Templates.

2. In the Response Templates page, click Create a response template.

3. In the Add or Edit Response Template form, enter a Template Title. The title is a name for the template, such as a Submission Decline Template. This title will not be seen by the recipient of the message.

4. Choose a Response Type. The response type will determine when this template will be available (i.e. only when declining a submission, only when accepting a submission, or other).

5. Enter the Template Body text. This is the text of the actual email message. You can use valid placeholder tags in your email. For example:

Dear [SubmitterFirstName] [SubmitterLastName],

Thank you for applying for the [Category] call for submissions at [OrganizationName]. We appreciate your interest, but unfortunately your submission is not the right fit for us. Best of luck with your work. Best regards,
[StaffFirstName] [StaffLastName]

If the above template is chosen when declining an application submitted by James Joyce for a Short Fiction Contest, the email that is sent will look like this:

Dear James Joyce,

Thank you for applying for the Short Fiction Contest at Submishmash Literary Journal. We appreciate your interest, but unfortunately your submission is not the right fit for us. Best of luck with your work.
Best regards, Jane Smith
Submishmash Literary Journal

Notice that the submitter's name, category, your organization name, staff name, and website were all automatically filled in with the correct information when the email is sent.

6. Here is a list of valid placeholder tags:

[Title] - Submission title

[Category] - Name of the submission category 

[SubmitterFirstName] - First name of the submitter

[SubmitterLastName] - Last name of the submitter

[StaffFirstName] - First name of the logged in team member

[StaffLastName] - Last name of the logged in team member

[OrganizationName] - The name of your organization

[OrganizationWebSite] - Your website URL

[DetailsLink] - Direct link to the submitter's view for this application (i.e.

[LoginLink] - Direct link to the login page (i.e.

[ID] - The seven-digit unique identifier for a submission that appears in the URL of the submission's Details page (i.e. [Note: This ID is rarely used by organizations; it's typically only used by organizations that have a specific workflow involving unique submission IDs.])

7. Click Save Template.


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