1. Getting Started With Submittable Guide

  2. How do I create or edit a submission category?

  3. New status: Completed

  4. How do I set up a submission category to sell a subscription or single issue?

  5. How do I use the Form Designer when creating or editing a category?

  6. How do I create a hidden category?

  7. How do I set up a blind review process?

  8. How do I add auto-labels for our submissions?

  9. How do I turn submission categories on and off?

  10. How do I set acceptable file types for a category?

  11. How do I add conditional logic to my submission form?

  12. How do I accept multiple files with a submission?

  13. Can I request metadata from submitters when they upload a file?

  14. How do I manually enter submissions?

  15. Can emailed submissions be automatically added to my submissions manager?

  16. How does submission scoring work?

  17. How do I review, make a note on, and rate a submission?

  18. How do we display submissions online for a public audience?

  19. How do I create a review form?

  20. Can reviewers edit finalized review forms?

  21. How do I hold a multi-round review process?

  22. How do I add a table to my application form?

  23. What spreadsheet formulas can I use in Tables?

  24. How do I add a field for internal use to my application form?

  25. Can I send additional forms to submitters to request more information?

  26. Can I schedule reminders for reviewers to review submissions or for submitters to complete additional forms?

  27. How do I use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between submissions?

  28. How do I add a private note to a submission?

  29. How do I add a Terms and Conditions checkbox to my submission form?

  30. How do I request agreement to terms and conditions when I accept a submission?

  31. What are the character limits for the Category Guidelines and Organization Profile Guidelines fields?

  32. How do I add a publication date to a submission?

  33. How do I use or remove the Calendar feature?

  34. How do I filter and organize the submissions in my submissions list?

  35. How do I label submissions?

  36. How do I assign submissions to team members for review?

  37. How do I automatically assign team members to incoming submissions for a specific category?

  38. Can I randomly assign submissions to a set number of reviewers?

  39. How many submissions are assigned to each team member and how many have they not yet reviewed?

  40. How do I attach a file to a submission?

  41. How do I replace the file on a submission?

  42. How do I send submissions to my Kindle?

  43. How do I delete a submission?

  44. How do I archive or unarchive submissions?

  45. How do I export our submission data?

  46. How do I batch export custom review data?

  47. How do I send an email to a submitter?

  48. How do I ensure new submissions get an automated response?

  49. How do I add a team member?

  50. How do I edit a team member's account?

  51. What does each team member level see?

  52. How do I customize the look and feel of my submission form?

  53. How do I upgrade or downgrade my Submittable subscription?

  54. What is an inactive plan?

  55. How do I sync the Calendar with other calendars?

  56. How do I change the default view displayed in the Submission Details screen?

  57. How do I cancel my Submittable account?

  58. Can I batch archive or batch delete submissions?

  59. How do I add and delete a file for a submission?

  60. How do I change the category of a submission?

  61. Can I integrate my Submittable account with Google Analytics?

  62. Does Submittable have an API?

  63. How do I use Zapier to connect my Submittable app to 3rd Party apps?

  64. How do I use the Submittable plugin on my WordPress site?

  65. How do I allow a submitter to edit a submission?

  66. How do I turn on or off the ability for submitters to request an edit on a submission?

  67. How can my organization receive reference letters?

  68. How can using Submittable increase the number of submissions our organization receives?

  69. How do I view and print submission document files?

  70. Can I charge a fee on my form?

  71. How do I sell memberships, subscriptions, or merchandise in my submission form?

  72. Can I charge submission fees in a non-US currency?

  73. What happens to my organization's account if we exceed our submission limit?

  74. Why did I get an error message when paying my invoice by credit card?

  75. Video File Transcode Error

  76. How do I unassign submissions?

  77. How do I remove a team member?

  78. How do I use response templates to send automated email messages?

  79. I have a Yahoo! or AOL email address. Why do my organization's emails come from

  80. How do I duplicate a submission category or form?

  81. How do I archive a submission category?

  82. When I do a batch file export, can I copy all files attached to the exported submissions into a single destination directory in Windows?

  83. How do I promote my organization’s creative call?

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